Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back on the Health wagon

I'm baaack!  I haven't had any time for posting with all the Christmas stuff going on.  We had a wonderful holiday; got to see my family and Mia had an absolute ball.  She was so excited about the gifts and Santa.  And I love that she knows and remembers that it is really one big birthday party for Jesus. 

Unfortunately, I gained about four pounds over the holidays.  I had maintained my marathon weight up until around Thanksgiving, even though I wasn't doing much running at all.  But I'm back up to a weight that I'm just not comfortable with.  Also, we have our Disney vacation (!!!) coming up in a few weeks, so I want to make sure I've shed these extra pounds by then. 

So I'm back on the diet wagon full force.  It's not so much about dieting as it is about eating healthy foods that make you feel good and provide your body with the proper fuel it needs to function properly. 

I'll be cutting out pretty much all processed sugars.  I know that sugar affects me horribly, almost like an allergy.  I get itchy, swollen, and really irritable when I eat high-sugar foods.  Today I cut out refined sugar altogether (with the exception of a teaspoon in my coffee) and I feel soo much better already. 

Lots of vegetables, lots of running and other excercise.  I went out for three miles with Chris today.  My first run in at least a week.  I definitely could feel those extra four pounds.  It was a tough run and my thighs are killing me tonight.  But all in all I'm feeling awesome.  So much better than yesterday.  So we're off to a good start!  The best part is that after eating healthy all day, I'm having no cravings and I don't feel hungry at all!

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